C. Anthony Pepper, Jr. Ministries

Called to help bring healing and HOPE to people through reaching out and meeting them where they are using a biblical yet practical approach.





    Brothers and Sisters in Christ, thank you for taking the time to stop by this website. My prayer is that while you're browsing through the site, you will feel a tugging and pulling at your heart to develop a deeper relationship with Christ.

    We at one time or another all fall short of God's glory. As Christians, when we fall short, we have to get back up. HOPE is a biblical and practical approach to again hearing God's voice. Don't you want to know what God is saying to you? Many times we go through a period in our lives when we don't seem to be hearing from God. It may be because of things that we are doing on our own accord or it may be a "dry season" in our lives. One thing I have come to realize is that all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are the called according to HIS purpose.

We proclaim that this year is a year of  "Moving Forward". Life's circumstances and challenges may have consumed every waning thought in your mind over the last few years... The enemy took his best shot at you..... he tried to steal, kill and destroy everything that was purpose for you but by the grace of God, you are still here!!!! You are still here and poised to move forward into your destiny reclaiming everything that was lost.

If Christ is not in your life, I pray that you will understand that this Christian walk is a journey and God's desire is that HE journey with you. Try HIM! He's more than able to carry you through anything that may be going on in your life. Believe me, HE is one that has perfected the process of restoring that which has broken.



Be Encouraged and God Bless!









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